World Thinnest Ultrabook


In the Japan in this week NEC has review the LaVie X 15.6 Ultrabook, and NEC claming is the worlds thinnest in the production of ultrabook.
[Image: epV7M.jpg]
This NEC LaVie X 15.6 Ultrabook is powered by the Core i7-3517U GHZ processor and
having 4 GB of RAM,256GB SSD and its Running on Micrsoft Windows 8 OS
NEC LaVie X 15.6 Ultrabook having 15.6-inch,for display 1920×1080 IPS Display
and slim 12.8mm package.
NEC LaVie X 15.6 Ultrabook is Expected to start shipping on 27th of December around 175,000 Yen i.e Rs 108933.12 but still the Pricing information not released by NEC.