Increase 1Gb or 2GB Memory stick to 4GB

One of our member asked am gonna share this.Yes.We can change the memory!
So I did this in my memory card which is 2GB initially.
[Image: lHg02.png]
Now am gonna change that to 4GB.
This is the method:
1.You need to download the software named Driver Increaser 2.

Download HERE
2.Extract the downloaded software.
3.Now insert your memory card and rename it as you wish,
Here my card name is 1334.
4.Open the extracted folder.
3.In that run the Driver Increaser 2.bat file.
[Image: KVClR.png]
4.Now enter the name of your memory card & press ENTER.
[Image: KVClR.png]
5.It will ask the drive letter of your memory card and press ENTER.
[Image: KieDI.png]
6.Once again it will ask drive letter to make sure & press ENTER.
[Image: izJ0b.png] will take few time to finish.
NOTE:it will come in red color text.
8.After the process is finished it will ask Press Any Key to Exit.
[Image: RgUIt.png]
Now check the memory card.
[Image: rgaNm.png]

  • Its just the trick.