LG's Google TV 3.0


LG Electronics is announced the GoogleTV will come with new sizes this year.

LG electronics and Google TV are merged in 2012 ,now in this new year 2013 Google TV comes with new 
  • size 42",
  • size 47",
  • size 50",
  • size 55" 

type-size which is updated with latest software Google TV 3.0
its contain new features:
  • voice searching , 
  • cloud gaming,
  • social media etc.,.,

This latest features is allow users to simply speech the input level and voice search feature.
In this TV it allows user to simply say a magic remote control its can broadcasting on channel as well as website.and youtube video etc.
wheel and speech recognition ,Gesture command features ,Qwerty-Magic remote control is the strength of Google TV 3.0 is only LG Electronics