Disable Windows Store in Windows 8

Some ppl wont like Windows Store which is a great feature in Windows 8 OS.I think this thread will help ppl like that!
Let me How to disable Store just follow the steps:
1.Click on Start & type Group Policy.
In left side under Settings u can find Edit Group Policy click on it.
[Image: a6r3V0v.png]
or Open RUN(Window key+R) and type gpedit.msc
2.Now under Group Policy navigate to User Configuration
[Image: 7AEWMlp.png]
3.Click on Administrative Templates.
[Image: 4jefHWB.png]
4.In Administrative Templates click on Windows Components.
It will open settings under Windows Components.
Now scroll down or Move down and search for Store
[Image: uYPpnPa.png]
5.In right side you can see Turn off the Store application click on it.
[Image: 7lFojwe.png]
6.Now it will open the Turn off the Store application box.
It this check on the Disabled to disable and click on Apply.
Press OK to close.
[Image: WrM2Vnd.png]
7.Now open the Store it will display like this
[Image: BdzKej5.png]