Convert or Resize image from SendTo Menu

When we right click on file or folder you can see a Send To option there it will show few options like
  • Compressed (zipped) folder
  • Desktop(create shortcut)
  • Documents
  • Fax recipient
  • Mail recipient
  • DVD RW Drive(I: ) 
so now think if you have a tool which converts or resize the image from one format to another from Send To list.
What you say?
I say Cool...

A free tool named SendTo-Convert allows us to achieve this.
Here is How to use it:
1.Download the SendTo-Convert HERE
and install it.
2.While installation it will ask option that
  • Add to "Send To" menu
  • Create a Desktop icon
[Image: XwqR1.png]
In this click on Add to "Send To" menu.
3.After installation complete. Right Click on any image and navigate to Send To option.
Now you can see our tool SendTo-Convert is available there.
[Image: eFXnp.png]
4.Now Click that to open
5.It will display options to which format to convert
[Image: xiVbw.png]
6.You can select your desired format to convert.
7.Now we can go through it.Click on Settings to open settings menu
[Image: xNQxb.png]
8.For more click on Options
[Image: vrMBu.png]