Disable Windows 8 Picture Password

My friend don't like the Windows 8 Picture password method.he asked me is there any method to disable it?
I answered Yes & told him to visit this thread!
Here is How to Disable Picture Password in Windows 8?
1.Click on Start & type Group policy
navigate to Settings
You can see Edit Group Policy
[Image: a6r3V0v.png]
Click on it.
2.Its look like this
[Image: UPnFXcw.png]
3.Click on Computer Configuration
[Image: BfLeBur.png]
4.Navigate to Administrative Templates.
[Image: xkxT8m1.png]
5.Click on System and it will open the System options
[Image: OpsTBVg.png]
6.Open Logon in System
[Image: nVSRA34.png]
7.Now you can see third option as Turn off picture password sign-in
[Image: nVSRA34.png]
Double click on it to open
8.Choose Disabled and click Appy to disable
[Image: Cjt3S07.png]
Same path can be used to Enable it.