FIFA 12 Cheats

Now am going to share the Cheat for FIFA 12 PC Game.
First you want two things:
1. FIFA 12 Installed in your PC
2. Cheat Engine Installed..Download HERE

Follow the Steps:

1. Open FIFA 12 Game and go in Manager Mode and note down the value (amount) in your transfer fund.
2. Now press Alt+Tab to get out from FIFA 12
3. Open Cheat Engine
4. In the top left corner you can see Process button as shown in picture below
wysiwyg image 
5. Now select fifa.exe and press Open
wysiwyg image 
6. Enter the value which is noted down in hex tab as shown in picture
wysiwyg image 
7. Click on First Scan..
wysiwyg image 
8.Now in left side you can see some values 
wysiwyg image9. Select the first value 
10. You can see the value is opened in bottom tab
wysiwyg image
11.Now double click only the value tab and change it to your desired amount (Note: it should be acceptable value ) and press OK
wysiwyg image 
12.Just check the Active button
wysiwyg image 
13.Now open FIFA 12 and check your amount!!!!