Windows 8 look like boot screen for Windows 7


now you can change the Windows 7 boot screen into Windows 8 boot screen.

Follow the steps:
1.Download the Windows 8 boot screen HERE
2.Extract the downloaded zip file and you'll get Windows-8-RTM-Boot-Screen.bs7 file.
3.Now its time to load this boot screen in order to appy this you need a tool named Windows 7 Boot Updater.
Download Windows 7 Boot Updater HERE
4.Now run the downloaded exe file.
5.Click on File=>Load boot skin. 
it will open browse dialog box, select the Windows-8-RTM-Boot-Screen.bs7 file.
6.Click on Apply.
7. Restart your system and get ready to enjoy new Windows 8 RTM boot screen in Windows 7.