Create Youtube Playlist without going to Youtube Website

Can You create Youtube playlist by just sitting in your favorite web page without navigating to Youtube.

Yes.You Can!
By adding an extension in your Google Chrome.
After adding it How to use it..
Here is how:
1.Download the extension Youtube List and add it Chrome.[Image: Sv2Vu.png]
2.It will look like a small play button encircled.
[Image: SisBc.png]
3.Click it to Open. It will show Single or Multiple. U can also do multiple search by enabling Multiple box.

[Image: d5H4H.png]
4.When you search in search box it will show some tips usual so its easy to search and press ENTER to start search.

[Image: CCFNR.png]
5.After search finished it will show the results and you can use it in your style.[Image: dT4f8.png]

YouTube ListPlayer is one of the fastest and most convenient ways to create and play YouTube playlists, and ideal for users who mostly go to YouTube to queue a few song videos while they browse the web.
YouTube ListPlayer is a extension that allows you to play a list of YouTube videos.