How to add the accidentally removed Bluetooth icon in Windows

yesterday when am using bluetooth in PC I accidentally press the remove icon so Bluetooth icon went.
[Image: PYhQa.png]
so I decided to share this post.

We can retrieve the removed bluetooth icon in two ways using Bluetooth settings Windows registry
Now we can see How to use Bluetooth settings
1.type bluetooth in Start Search bar and it will show many options.
2.Open the Change Bluetooth Settings
[Image: f33ex.png]
3.In the Bluetooth Settings window you can enable bluetooth icon by checking the Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area option and press Apply.
[Image: fck6E.png]
4.Click on OK to close.
That's it Now its showed in System tray.

Now will tell How to by using Windows Registry
1.type regedit in RUN.(To open RUN press Window key+R)
[Image: szeQn.png]
2.Now navigate to path 

          HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Bluetooth

[Image: KaR0U.png]
3.In the right side search for a DWORD value in Notification Area Icon. 
4.It would be set to 0. Either set its value to 1 or delete it.
5.Now you can either LogOff or Restart the system.