Check your System is ready to install Windows 8

This tool will help ppl who are using earlier version of Windows 8 and also for ppl who are all confused or having question that Can I install Windows 8 in my system?
Okay! Now we get into our discussion.
Follow the instructions:
1.First you need to download the tool named Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant.
You can download it HERE.
2.Just click on OK to UAC settings.
3.You will get a windows like shown below
[Image: hXBG8.png]
it will take some time to check out your system compatible.
4.After few minutes you will get the details 
[Image: LHlLr.png]
5.You can view the details by clicking See compatibility details.
[Image: lCgUW.png]
You can also save it.
6.After clicking Next you will get 3 options that

  • Windows settings,personal files, and apps
  • Just personal files
  • Nothing
[Image: 54GON.png]
7.after this you will get the Windows 8.
[Image: ORo1D.png]

I think this post will help Newbies.