Export your data from Google Services

For me some times am in need of person details and am having it in my Gmail Contacts but net is not connecting so in this times I worried how can i get it?
So I got a solution for this!
When I was going through Google Services I came through Google Takeout.
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Google Takeout is an service which provides user to download or export their data from Google services like Gmail,Gplus,Youtube etc.,.
Now am gonna share How to use Take out?
Follow the steps:
1.Goto Google Takeout(Click HERE)
2.Now it will ask for your Sign in details and provide your details and sign in.
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3.Now Google take out will looks like
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4.You can export all details or you need specific details only means click on Choose services
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5.Select the service which you want to download
6.After selection it will synchronize the data and it will take some time

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7.If you dont want to wait then click on Email me when ready
8.When the data is ready,it will show Download button
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9.Thats it data starts to download
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