All in One Browser-Torch

Internet is popular because of Social sharing, torrent downloads,Multimedia sharing & downloading.
We are using third party software's to download multimedia from websites and download torrent files.
Just imagine if this can be done in single place How it will be?
For this question Torch Web Browser is the answer.
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Torch Web Browser:
It where you can find all the things in one place.

  • Sharing
  • Media download
  • Torrent download
Its features is explained in following image
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You can download HERE .
After you installed in your system and it will launch like
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Now you are watching a video in Youtube and u want to download it means just see right top there will be Media icon jumping like the pic below
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Click that and video will start downloading and you can see that at left bottom like this
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If you want to download Torrent so First you want to turn On the Torch torrent downloader.
Turn On that at right top next to media download button like pic below
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Now you can download torrent.
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it will start downloading
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Last but not least text is
Torch Browser is based on the Chromium technology platform.