Enable Numlock on Windows 8

When I was discussing about some key & features about Windows 8.
One of my friend believes that there is settings at Computer BIOS that NUMLOCK will not be enabled on logon screen automatically!
After some time I think and ran into Registry files to find any tweak or any change can to make NUMLOCK automatically and I found it and I taught to share it.

Follow the steps:
1.open RUN i.e Window Key+R or Start->Run
2.To open registry editor type regedit in RUN and press ENTER
[Image: VOj1N.png]

3.Now navigate to HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Keyboard
[Image: XlmY0.png]

4.In the right side open the InitialKeyboardIndicators.(double click it to open) and Change the Valuedata to 2 and press Ok
[Image: r0uct.png]

5.now Close the Registry Editor.
You can Download the attached file and read the instructions.

Attached File download HERE