PC Monitor Manager


PC Monitor Manager is a lightweight and useful application that was designed in order to provide you with a simple means of keeping track of what's going onto your system by using a fully secures SSL connection between your computer and your mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android.

Here are some key features of "PC Monitor Manager":

· View the status and uptime of all computers
· View the current CPU usage
· View the current available memory
· View the local hard disks status
· View the services status
· View running processes
· View the scheduled tasks status
· View all logged in users (local and remote)

Send Commands:
· Start, pause, continue and stop a service
· Kill a process
· Start and stop a scheduled task
· Log off any logged in user (local or remote)
· Restart, shutdown, power off, suspend or send the computer into hibernation
· Mobile device authorization for system commands - only selected authorized devices on your account can be allowed to send system commands.

For Windows:
For Linux HERE