Bugtraq-pentesting desto Linux

Bugtraq-Team was founded in 2011 and was consolidated in 2012, has since evolved exponentially and today we still hunger for exploring new frontiers.


  • Administrative improvements of the system for better management of services.
  • Expanded the range of recognition for injection wireless drivers.
  • Patching the kernel 2.6.38 to recognize 4 gigs of RAM in 32-bit.
  • Tools perfectly configured, automated installation scripts and tools like Nessus, OpenVASGreenbone, Nod32, Hashcat, Avira, BitDefender, ClamAV, Avast, AVG, etc...
  • Unique Scripts from Bugtraq-Team (SVN updates tools, delete tracks, backdoors, Spyder-sql, etc.)
  • Stability and performance optimized: Enhanced performance flash and java and start purging unnecessary services. So thatthe user can use only the services you really want.
  • It has incorporated the creation of the user in the installation, which is created with all system configurations.
  • We are the distribution and Forensic Pentesting with more tools built and functionalwell organized menu without repetitionof the same to avoid overwhelming the user.
the most comprehensive distributionoptimal, stable and automatic security to date. Bugtraq is a distribution based on the 2.6.38 kernel has a wide range of penetration and forensic tools.

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