Earn Money by sharing Image


Imagehyper lets you earn cash by showing your images to other users: every time a visitor watches one of your images, you are automatically credited with a variable amount of money (depending on many factors, including where the visitors is from).

We're different (and better!) from other websites because of several reasons:
  • We pay both the uploader and the site owner
  • Our interface is extremely modern and user friendly, it's based on AJAX and most of our scripts are hosted by Google™'s content distribution network
  • We are loved by webmasters because we put them in control of their own visitors
  • We pay the highest net rates in the industry
  • We are honest, we'll never scam you out of your own earnings, as long as you follow the terms of service

    We believe site owners should have the last word and should be in complete control of what ads their visitors are shown, so we're the ultimate forum-friendly image host and the best image host for every other kind of site where external uploaders can upload photos.
    • You can register your site under your account and claim control over visitors coming from it
    • You decide how many ads to show them by choosing from 3 "ad levels": low, medium and high
    • You get paid a variable % of the cash generated by that visitor
    • Every member coming from your site automatically becomes your referral, and you earn a % of his own earnings


    • You can refer members to your own affiliate link and they will automatically become your referral
    • Every member visiting your images will automatically become your referral
    • You get paid the highest amounts of cash per view in the industry. The figures we claim are net and real, we don't inflate our numbers or scam you out of your earnings like so many other sites do
    • Every member coming from your site automatically becomes your referral, and you earn a % of his own earnings.


  • 1.20$ United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
  • 0.40$ Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Greece,Ireland, Iceland, Lichenstein, Luxembourg, France, New Zealand
  • 0.1$ Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Japan, India, Denmark,Hong Kong, Monaco
  • 0.03$ All other countries
  • Rates quotes are for NSFW - XXX images, the ones in the family-friendly section are currently only getting 50% of this quoted payout.
  • Payout by Liberty Reserve and Paypal

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