Microsoft's Typescript

"Over the past five years, we constantly heard from customers claims that writing a complete application based on JavaScript - it is too cumbersome and difficult task," - says Andrew Hejlsberg, director of architecture language Microsoft C #. "TypeScript offers new opportunities to work with JavaScript, allowing you to not only create more complex applications, but also for complex code debugging, refactoring, navigation on a large body of code and perform other tasks," - he said. Microsoft says that the engineers have worked for about two years to develop a functional TypeScript. Now Microsoft has published specifications and open TypeScript compiler repository CodePlex. Also, the software giant has prepared TypeScript plugin for the Visual Studio. 

As explained in the company, TypeScript - this is not an entirely new language, and the expansion of JavaScript. Developers who create programs that can write code in JavaScript, creating a paste on TypeScript as needed. "All code TypeScript - the JavaScript code with the library setup TypeScript. Compiler itself TypeScript idiomatically repeats JavaScript, so this code works in every browser" - the company said. Like JavaScript, Microsoft development works in the browser, though you can create feature-rich applications. "JavaScript-skpriptingovy this language. It is not intended to write a code of large structures, such as modules or classes. JavaScript - it is also completely dynamic language, where there is no static typing, traditional to modern IDE", - said Hejlsberg. 

With static types, however, the compiler can provide more detailed error report, and to better predict the code, since the appointment in advance operates codes. According to this logic system works prediction codes TypeScript. 

Microsoft says that the abstract types - is another benefit of the language. Developers can add annotations only where they want or special libraries. In addition to the static typing, TypeScript also offers modularity in the possibility of declaring classes in C + +. Using this approach it is possible to re-use the same piece of code. 

Earlier, something like this in their own language programming offered by Google, which created the Dart language for complex web applications. 

Microsoft says that the advantage TypeScript that this language does not require learning, as it follows the syntax of JavaScript. Developers will only need to remember the new structures TypeScript. The second advantage of the language is its ability to run on any browser without requiring additional client frameworks. 
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Plugin for Visual Studio 2012 HERE