UberStudent is a free, user-friendly Linux distribution for learning, doing, and teaching academic success at the higher education and advanced secondary levels. Researchers, knowledge workers, and lifelong learners will equally benefit. A free Moodle-based virtual learning environment is being developed to support and teach usage of the platform. 

UberStudent fundamentally redefines what it means to be an operating system for education. At core, it is a pedagogically cohesive academic success curriculum integrated into an installable, easy-to-use, and full-featured learning platform. Learning UberStudent means learning academic success.

UberStudent is developed by professional educators around a core academic skills approach to student computing—the research and writing, reading, studying, and self-management skills that are essential to all students regardless of their academic major.

 UberStudent can additionally be extended for specific academic disciplines using its on-board tools for discovering and installing disciplinary software.
UberStudent is:
  • Free to install, use and share. Never again will you have to lay out painful cash every few years just to keep updated, or tolerate nagging or crippled software. UberStudent A+, which includes non-free software and dedicated support will soon be available for educational institutions.
  • Built upon compatibility with the latest distribution of Ubuntu (version 9.10), the world's dominant open source operating system. With UberStudent, you can be confident that you are computing from both strength and stability.
  • Works "out-of-the-box" on nearly every manufacturer's laptop or desktop computer, both new and older, and tools and guides are right onboard to get your hardware going for the rare instances otherwise. Give UberStudent a test run from its Live DVD! When you're ready to install, you can do it side-by-side with your current configured operating system and choose between them at boot time.
  • Fully multimedia-ready in mere seconds. Just go to the Extras Menu in the Main Menu ("Start Button"), click the appropriate icons, and you're all set.
  • High-yield quick-help guides, example program usages, and templates for academic work by top educators and students (but approved by educators) are on-board in UberStudent, and their number is growing. You'll save time and very quickly become productive by doing.
  • Blazingly fast, much faster than the operating system with which you are probably accustomed. It boots much faster, and programs both load and respond faster—no more clicking and constant waiting! And when you search for files, you'll have results in an instant. You can even preview the contents of files by simply highlighting the file (clicking on it once) and hitting the space bar. UberStudent users stand to gain hours of increased productivity per month because their programs both load and work that much faster.
  • An eye-popping user interface comes default on UberStudent, as expected of a next-generation operating system. With just a few clicks you can additionally enable a Mac-like dock, and on higher end computers you can easily install free proprietary drivers and enable amazing window animations that are at the utter pinnacle of the desktop computing world.
  • Easily accessible power-user extras that won't get in the way of those who aren't looking for them. For example, hit F12 and Guake Terminal will drop down transparently from the top of your screen. You'll find many command line programs ready to go.