Stealthy Unlock the web

The term Stealthy refers to military aircraft that can penetrate into enemy territory undetected by radar. In a way, that’s what this browser extension does.
Some organizations and governments block access to web pages, and certain online services are not available in all countries. With Stealthy, users can make themselves undetectable, and thereby able to bypass the censorship.

Access all content privately without censorship; bypass firewalls.We provide the proxies, so you don't have to bother searching for lists that usually don't work. The extension automatically selects and sets up tested proxies from the cloud. Stealthy is a user-friendly add-on that lets you visit websites that are restricted based on geographical location.
  • Go here to get to the installation page.
  • Press the “+ ADD TO CHROME” button in the upper right hand corner:
  • Press install when asked. (If you are worried about the permissions required by the extension check out this certificate)
  • It will quickly install itself.
  • Press the little red thingy up in the right hand corner of the browser. Doing so will turn on Stealthy:
  • Once it’s enabled and ready, it will turn green.

  • Turn Stealthy off when you not longer need it, or your internet speed will be dramatically reduced.
Additional configuration:
  • ​To get into the configuration page do right click on Stealthy's icon and then select "Options"
  • The first set of options are the most important, if you need a fast, reliable service that will make you 100% anonymous and will make you able to use services as youtube, facebook, pandora and netflix PRO-US (1st option) is the way to go, if you want to use some British service as BBC iPlayer select PRO-UK (2nd option) in order to use them you need a subscription, more info here.
  • The other two options are not as efective and fast, but totally free, chose the apropiate for you, by default you have the "Normal" choice, used if you want to fake your location to access services that are blocked where you are but available everywhere else (e.g. YouTube in Germany).
  • If the service that you want is specific to some other country the last option is the way to go, and you must provide the country name, as you type a list with available countries will appear, just select the desired one, if is not on the list just try again latter, this list change overtime.
  • Then you have something called bypass list, used if you want to have direct connection to certain sites, even when Stealthy is on.
  • You also have the option of automatically turn Stealthy on when you start Chrome.
  • When you make any chenge make sure of scroll down and press Save.
  • Lastly you can make Stealthy to only have effect on incognito windows, this is useful if you want to use Stealthy just for some sites, you should use this options and open those sites on an incognito window, in case you use this options other steps are needed:
    • Go to the extensions manager page (chrome://settings/extensions)
    • Find Stealthy and do click on the small arrow on the left to show details.
    • Check the "Allow in incognito" box.
    • Now you can open an incognito window (Shift+Ctrl+N) and activate Stealthy normally