Turn off Lock Screen in Windows 8

Here is How to turn off the Lock screen in Windows 8
1.Click on Start & type Group policy
navigate to Settings
You can see Edit Group Policy

[Image: a6r3V0v.png]

Click on it.
2.Its look like this

[Image: UPnFXcw.png]

3.Click on Computer Configuration

[Image: BfLeBur.png]
4.Navigate to Administrative Templates.

[Image: xkxT8m1.png]
5.Open the Control Panel[Image: F6ufuRT.png]

6.Click on Personalization[Image: WHzuvpO.png]

7.You can see a last option as Do not display the lock screen[Image: xLjiXki.png]

8.Now check on the Enableled button and click on Apply and press OK to Close.[Image: EQRqG1y.png]