Copy or Move files of Specific type from one location to another

now files & folders can be moved easily to other location by using a simple tool named FileMover. created by Henry Sanchez.
[Image: L2tTJ.png]
Its How to use:
1.Download File Mover 1.0 from HERE.
its available in two variant one is portable another is it as you need. (I suggest Portable)
2.Open FileMover.

[Image: 5I3O6.png]
3.Now you can see box on right top named as Search path give the extension of the file/folder which you are going to move/copy.
4.Its time to set the Source path so for this click on ...button near source and browse the path.
[Image: POX9m.png]
5.As same as Source path, set the destination path also[Image: UgRR4.png]
6. the buttons available in the lower-left corner, you can also list all the files of the relevant type in a text file before choosing to copy or move them, and delete all the empty directories in the directory tree.
7.Now you can transfer.You have two method to transfer
To Copy Click on Copy
To Move Click on Move which is at right side bottom.
8.Now after all set click on GO.[Image: UgRR4.png]

That's it..Files has been Moved/Copied....Cheers!