Block Unwanted mails in GMail

Few ppl have a question that  "Is there any method to stop this mail?"Answer is YES.
GMail is the popular mail service used by many ppl.
GMail has a inbuilt service named as GMail Filter.
[Image: iRQK3.png]
GMail filter is used to filter or avoid a mail from unwanted ppl.
Here is How to use it:
1.Login in your Gmail account.
2.At the right side near Number of emails U can see a wrench symbol and click on it.
Now navigate to Settings tab.
[Image: olkcF.png] inside settings you can a tab named Filters

[Image: qONq6.png]

4.In filters, click on Create a new filter
[Image: 6cW8J.png]
5.It will open a new dialog box which contains
  • From
  • To
  • Subject
  • Has the words
  • Doesn't have
Fill this with your desired.
[Image: 5oeXW.png]
6.After filling it you can see "Create filter with this search" button on right bottom and click it.
[Image: pxR07.png]
7.Now it will have many options and use as u wanted and click on Create filter.
[Image: o5OTz.png]
Hooray!! Filter Created.
Inside Filter tab you can see the filter like tis
[Image: V0te6.png]

I think this method is known to all but this post is dedicated to Those who are newbies.