Create USB recovery Drive in Windows 8

Most of the ppl will format the whole system if any error occurred or some ppl have a recovery disk CD they will use it.Here is the new method that You can use USB drive to create recovery disk!
Yes.In Windows 8 you can do this.
Let me show you How to do this:
1.Click on Start and type recovery drive
navigate to settings you can see Create a recovery drive
[Image: xCesSMW.png]
Click on it.
UAC settings will ask your permission to open so click on Yes.
2.Now Recovery Drive opens
[Image: m9l1s73.png]
Click on Next
3.It will check for the drives in your system where it can create recovery!
[Image: gTkM44J.png]
4.Its time to select the USB drive.
Select the drive which you want to create recovery.
[Image: LCjnPtn.png]
5.Backup your drive before this process begins since it will delete the files.
[Image: rrMd2Ql.png]
6.Now click on Create
[Image: rrMd2Ql.png]
7.It will first format the drive
[Image: ER3XWTn.png]
8.Now it will copy the utilities.
[Image: F9TYo5n.png]
9.Hooray! You recovery drive is created.
[Image: tsU0U0L.png]
!Enjoy using Windows 8!