MusicZen-A free tool to organize the mp3 files

MusicZen will help you to move your music files from one location to another automatically, and along the way, rename and place your files in a directory structure of your choice.
                      [Image: oMZqc.png]
If the file you are trying to move or copy already exists, it will leave the file in its original folder and it will let you know how many duplicates it found at the end of its run.

Here is How to use it.
1.First Download MusicZen HERE
2.First UI will be so ease to use.
                      [Image: UqLQB.png]
Click on Source.
3.Browse the location of the source of mp3 file.
                   [Image: ByjBa.png]
4.browse for destination folder.
                      [Image: ByjBa.png]
5.Now you can see Preferences tab near Organize on left top.
                        [Image: pCcU4.png]
6.Now navigate to Prefernces tab
                                                [Image: Ezm3M.png]
7.Here on right top you can see two options to organize it
Select your desire.
                                                    [Image: 3prdG.png]
8.You can select How to organize the mp3 in destination by clicking on Change.
                                                       [Image: RQBzo.png]
9.the name of the files also be seen in bottom.
10.Now back to Organize tab and Click on Organize.
                                                    [Image: kHP0I.png] will display successful message.
                                [Image: 7W6uy.png]