Bitdefender 60 Second Scanner

Bitdefender is the #1 Antivirus in the World!This company provides various products in the field of Antivirus Solutions alone.
Among them 60 Second Scanner is one of the product which is really amazing software.
Now am gonna tell you How it does in step by step manner.
[Image: jbBgK.png]
Lets Start.
1.Download the Bitdefender 60 Second Scanner from HERE
2.Open it and it will download some package
[Image: gNWuV.png]
Now it will unpack the downloaded packages
[Image: 8WpeU.png]
3.Click on Agree & Install to install the software
[Image: 6nlBO.png]
it will take few minutes to install
[Image: OnzWa.png]
4.After installation finished, you can see the widget in Desktop as shown below
[Image: 57bC8.png]
Click on Start Scan
5.You can see the time it take to scan
[Image: 49Q7x.png]
6.After the scanning finished it will display like
[Image: 6WeQI.jpg]
7.To know about your report click on View report
[Image: Scppb.png]