Create own refresh image in Windows 8

Windows 8 having a feature named Refresh which is used to recover the system.Refresh will not change any of your settings!

Let me tell you How to create own refresh image:
1.Press Windows key+X
You will get a options on left bottom.
Click on Command Prompt (Admin)
[Image: G65MKd8.png]
or Run the Command Prompt in Admin.
It will look like[Image: ORZmN8L.png]

2.Now type below command recimg.exe /createimage "Your disk location"

Note: In above code you have to mention the disk location.
Disk should have atleast 20GB free space.
For example:
recimg.exe /createimage "C:\refresh img\21-1-13-21-25-PM"
Press Enter.[Image: 4Kh0ktu.png]

3.Now it will start initializing,creating snapshot.
Writing image process will start and it will take more time. so pls be patient.[Image: vD0pu4S.png]

4.After will display the message as
Recovery image creation and registration completed successfully.
5.Now exit the command prompt.
That's it refresh image is created by own.