Google Docs offline now

Most of the members knew about Google Docs which contains
  • Doc
  • Sheets
  • Forms
  • Drawings
  • Fusion table
  • Slides
Few days ago Google announced that Google Slides is available for Offline Mode!

Yes.All the services of Google Docs is now available in Offline mode.
so its so cool to have Chrome browser and add the required docs apps and make use of it.
1.Google Docs
[Image: Xrj3FQg.png]
Chrome web store HERE
2.Google Sheets
[Image: Ha3mM3d.png]
Chrome web store HERE
3.Google Forms
[Image: K1pv5Y2.png]
Chrome web store HERE
4.Google Drawings
[Image: gtQJIRC.png]
Chrome web store HERE
5.Google Fusion tables its under experimental but it works fine.
[Image: GX2GXUC.png]
Chrome web store HERE
6.Google Slides
[Image: iPVcAeT.png]
Chrome web store HERE
This is how my chrome look like[Image: ZS88SW4.png]