Change signature in Windows Mail app

In Windows 8 we have an app named Windows 8 Mail in this we can synchronize all email service like Gmail, Hotmail etc.

In this the default signature is
Sent from Windows Mail

I planned to change it so I got through some settings in that I came to know this.
Here is How:
1.Open the Windows 8 Mail app[Image: Zcjim6c.png]

2.Now press Window key+i button together,
It will open Settings page on right side
[Image: beGnAzH.png]
3.Now click on Accounts.
It will open the all accounts which you are being used. I am using Gmail & Hotmail
[Image: ZZe6Zth.png]
4.Select the Gmail account
[Image: ZZe6Zth.png]
5.Now scroll down you can a box which is highlighted in below picture
Edit what you want to put as Signature.
[Image: 8lUIqqu.png]
6.Close the settings

That's it.