Light Weight Audio Player

Most of time we used to play the audio files in 
  • Windows Media Player
  • VLC Player
  • some other players.
Have you used Light weight players like AIMP3 player?
Here comes new to street of Light weight layers from the creators of GOM Media player named as GOM Audio player.
[Image: SU1kC.png]
GOM Audio player is a light weight player which has 
  • Superb UI
  • Can play Radio
  • Power usage
  • resource usage
  • Skin Settings

let me show you some features in it.
Download the player from HERE

official site HERE
Player is free.
Installation Note:
1.Click on OK since we use English as language.
[Image: Igh1Z.png]
2.Then click on Next
[Image: dGXgx.png]
3.After the installation run it.
it will play an intro song.
[Image: F3NAo.png]
*List Option is also awesome you can use so many can open by clicking on List icon or press F7
[Image: b2xxS.png]
*Having a Cool equalizer option.
Open it by clicking on Equalizer button on player or simply press F8.
[Image: oaj4L.png]
*Open the file by clicking on Open button or press F2.
[Image: OU0YI.png]
*Listen to streaming broadcast by pressing F9 or by clicking Broadcast button
*GOM Audio UI Mode has 3 types
Mode 1:
[Image: WmmNN.png]
Mode 2:
[Image: UeSgd.png]
Mode 3:
[Image: o6KcW.png]