Know the size of apps installed in Windows 8

Windows 8 have Apps which will consume some amount of memory in your disk.
Now in our mind How much memory taken by apps? this question blossoms!
To answer this question am posting this thread.

1.Click Start & type apps size
by default it will search in apps[Image: CA3CMS8.png]

Now click on Settings
In the left side you can see View app size[Image: F7ub0RI.png]

Click on it.
2.Now it will open PC settings-->General tap
3.Now scroll down or Move down and search for Available storage[Image: EEdAxHd.png]

4.Under Available storage click on View app sizes[Image: cpO0G1L.png]

5.It will determine the sizes of will take few time[Image: O6zgI4F.png]

6.After determining it will show ths app sizes[Image: fmm7CIw.png]

That's it.