TOEFL Scholarship 2013

Education Testing Service which is offering TOEFL Scholarship 2013 for Indian Students.
[Image: Tfo5MOR.jpg]

  • Ablitily to communicate in English
  • Innovative ideas as reflected in essays
  • Participation in extracurricular activities.
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • So do you think criteria suits you then why are you waiting go to eligibility.

  • Living in India.
  • Complete the online scholarship application and upload academinc transcripts.
  • Hold a grade point of 80 or higher on 100 point scale.
  • Begin an UG in 2013 at college listed in TOEFL Destinations directory.   Click Here to get TOEFL Destinations Directory
  • Have a test score in TOEFL used as requirement for admission into an UG or Graduate program.

Here comes more about the scholarship:
  • One US$10,000 TOEFL Scholarship and twenty US$3,000 TOEFL Scholarship will be awarded in India for UG or Graduate in country or overseas.
  • ETS will recongnize 21 students in India
Deadline to apply:
  • April 30,2013