Add Multiple Emails to GMail

This is the post where you will came to know How to add another email account in GMail.

Follow the steps:
1.First Sign In to your GMail account.
2.On right side top you can see a Gear Icon.

Click on It and go to Settings
[Image: LzSkuXS.png]
3.Now navigate to Accounts and Import
[Image: 59vepVm.png]
4.Search for Send mail as
[Image: aGkWnuS.png]
Click On Add another email address you own.
it will open a pop up box.
5.Enter the Name and email address and click on Next Step
[Image: 2pp56ql.png]
6.Now check on Send through Gmail
[Image: s97hhmn.png]
Click On Next step
7.Now click on Send Verification.
[Image: nfl6s5P.png]
8.Go to the email ID which you gave in step 5 to get the Verification code.
Its you wish to click on link provided there or copy and paste the code from that mail
[Image: mDlZHIz.png]
Click on Verify!
That's it.....

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