Change default time style of Windows 8 Lock Screen

In Windows 8 when you lock the system a screen appears it will be with a time and Date, Network if you wish to change the font of default time font here is the thread how to do it.
1.Open Windows registry
by pressing Window key+R and type regeit and press Enter
[Image: L2A9DLa.png]
2.Navigate to this path 


Note: systemcode is generated by default so you can some random number like 21-443448168-4019026317-221705446-1001.
3.Now Right click on LocaleInfo and click Permissions[Image: RflXyIj.png]

4.Check the Full Control's Allow Check box
[Image: FXEjy3m.png]
5.Now back to LocaleInfo and in right side
You can see TimeFormat at last double click to open it[Image: KCECF84.png]

6.Now on Value data change your desired ASCII symbol.
Note: HH:mm is must dnt change it.[Image: KqNQTGP.png]

7.Now press OK and close the registry!
It works when you close registry need to restart.