Enable Spell Checking in Google Chrome

If you type fast then Google Chrome's spell checker surely will help you.
[Image: e7yePDh.jpg]
Yes. Google chrome's new feature is spell checker which checks the spell when you type in website.

To turn on this feature, follow the below steps
1.Click on Wrench button on right top corner below close button and goto Settings.
[Image: MMGoLUL.png]
2. Scroll down and click on Show Advanced settings
[Image: A4JqthU.png]
3.Search for Languages and input settings click on it.
[Image: SgvhxlW.png]
4.Now it open a Languages box and in that left bottom just enable the spell checking
[Image: OvCPSY0.png]
5.If you want to add some words to dictionary just click on the Custom spelling dictionary.
Now enter the word to add and click on Done.
[Image: o9DKBB2.png]

That's it...