Maxthon Cloud Browser


Maxthon Cloud Browser comes with the new method which contents many services like
  • Cloud Push 
  • Cloud Share
  • Cloud Download
  • My CLoud tabs
  • Cloud Sync
  • Ad Hunter
  • SkyNote
  • Do Not Track
  • Extension center
  • Maxthon Snap
Here are some snapshots of Maxthon Browser:
[Image: mz4U1Bt.png]
[Image: ArYR3AS.png]
[Image: TIQoUSS.png]
[Image: 7C9RJk8.png]
[Image: ELtxSnX.png]
[Image: PnaXRiW.png]
[Image: aFqpB1D.png]
[Image: UWuQLPE.png]
[Image: 4n16gvd.png]
[Image: vc8Ar2a.png]
[Image: MEkjMBV.png]
[Image: xrGwVnk.png]
Am gonna migrate to this Browser from Chrome.....

Watch this video which explains the features about Maxthon Cloud browser

Download HERE