Add any application to Right Context Menu

Some times I feel lazy to open file and then click on Open!so I taught it will be cool if I had that application in Right Context menu so I did.
Now I will tell How to do it!
We can do it by two methods

  • By Windows Registry Editor
  • By Windows Registry file

By Windows registry Editor:
1.Open Windows registry
by pressing Window key+R and type regeit and press Enter
[Image: L2A9DLa.png]
2.Now Navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shell

3.Right click on Shell and click on New->Key->and name it as your application name
[Image: AhZjqeU.png]
Note: Here I used GTalk for example.
4.Now click on Key which you created in last step.
5.Now right click on it and select New->key and name it as command
[Image: J1xFGLY.png]
6.Now we need to know the path of the application so for that go to the location of application.
Shift+Right click on it and click on Copy as path
[Image: srN6jlo.png]
7.Get back to registry and select the command which you created in step 5.
[Image: dv87mhC.png]
8.Now on right side double click on (Default) to open it.
[Image: xNY3xpv.png]
9.In the Value data paste the copied path
[Image: 1yUs7yX.png]
Click on OK
10.Close the Registry!
now Right click and check it.
[Image: SXi68D3.png]

By Windows Registry file:

1.Open Notepad
2.Type the following code 

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
;Written by WR1334 & thanks to V+

[HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\background\shell\YOUR APPLICATION NAME\command]
3.Fill the following in above code.
YOUR APPLICATION NAME -->give the name of which application your gonna add
PASTE THE PATH OF THE APPLICATION-->Copy the path of the exe file of your application
4.Now save it as any name with .reg as extension.
5.Run the registry file.
That's it.  (^_^)