Official Twitter App for Windows 8

Twitter released the official app for Windows 8!

Its cool to use it.
To get it. 

1.Open Windows 8 Store
[Image: 5iyr0EU.png]
2. Type Twitter
you will get many app but look for official app
[Image: Nu5FrHL.png]
3.Now click on Install
[Image: aG3Ntl3.png]
[Image: eyBckHJ.png]
[Image: U2ROZZ6.png]
4.That's it.
5.Now you will see the app on Start Menu
[Image: HrWHxgU.png]
Open it.
[Image: Ck0SYsD.png]
6.Now it will connect 
[Image: ej1ZdrN.png]
[Image: i0BE798.png]
7.It will ask for Username and password to authorize the twitter
[Image: iRdLfh6.png]

Njy W8