Find fastest DNS for your Area

NameBench 1.3 is new version and its a project under Google.
Namebench uses web browser history,standariszed database &  tcp dump output.
NameBench 1.3 does not modify your system.
Its an Open Source project.

Here is how:
1. First download NameBench 1.3 Here
2. Now Open it.
3. it will include the current DNS server on your system.
Now check on Include global DNS providers & Include best available DNS services.
[Image: xpY032N.png]
4.Click on Start Benchmark
It will take about 10min to complete.
[Image: fjqVaxV.png]
[Image: 5y2V9rz.png]
5. After the complete you will get report of the result.
Based on this you can use DNS servers.
The reports contains Graph and chart of Mean Response Duration & Fastest Individual Response Duration.
[Image: zkLw3an.png]
[Image: 5zMx78R.png]
You can also import the result as .csv file. .