Create your own picture Tile in Windows 8

Metro UI in Windows 8 is so cool and this app helps us to create a set of tiles with our picture.
App Name: Custom Tiles Maker
Publisher: Goheer
Here is how to get it:
1.Open Store in Windows 8 type Custom Tiles Maker
[Image: D0eFT8C.png]
You will get in search on right side
3.Open it and click on install
[Image: WLSKgLC.png]
4.After installation open it.
it starts like
[Image: 7MPkDER.png]
5.Now its the home page which contains three options

  • Simple Tiles
  • Random Tiles
  • Changing Tiles
[Image: 5PJpARM.png]
6.Am using Random Tiles so click on it
[Image: Aegw4d4.png]
7.Now select the photos by tapping Select Photos
[Image: lBw1j69.png]
8.Now select about the style of tiles. There will be lots of tiles which includes both free and paid tiles.
Free tiles will be without locks.
[Image: DST6bS5.png]
9.After this, you will get the picture in right side.
[Image: OgD2SRA.png]
When I tap on it it will show message as
[Image: d6WRcvi.png]
because  I have selected 3 rows x 2 columns i want to add another picture.
10.After adding now tap on a tile and click Pin to Start
[Image: 5Yca8Qg.png]
11.Now go to Start menu & check it out.