Youtube 8

You Tube 8 is an cool app in Windows 8 Store which helps you track of your Youtube videos.
[Image: bkLlhLZ.png]
Here is how get it:
1.Open Windows 8 Store
type youtube 8
[Image: OfmAi6Z.png]
You will get many Youtube apps but click on Youtube 8 which looks the logo pic as above
[Image: qFmoGv8.png] install it
[Image: GnZ6Dbl.png]
[Image: IegN8D5.png]
3.Open Youtube 8 app
[Image: zUumduM.png]
[Image: 56WnDdT.png]
4.You can search your desired video 

  • Select Category
  • Select type
  • Type Keyword
[Image: F7anelc.png]
[Image: 87ytbb5.png]
[Image: Y5KQHLR.png]
5.Now we can watch the video,below our video there is some more related videos
[Image: laYtzKg.png]
6.You can also Share by click on Share button which will be in right top
[Image: jCqIlTe.png]