Add IP Address on Start Screen in Windows 8


A cool app for Windows 8 Users.This is a tiny app which shows your IP address on Start Screen.
About App:
IP Address is a Free native Windows 8 app that you can download directly from Windows 8 App Store
As your Internet connectivity changes so does the background color of the app.
Tile will automatically update to reflect your local and NAT external IP addresses and total number of network connections.
The app works with both IPv4 and IPv6 (IPng) networks.

To get it:
1.Open Windows Store
[Image: 8te5CdC.png]
2.Just type ip address.
On right side you can see the search box which display some things related to ip address.
[Image: Sn3dY7w.png]
Click on it to open.
3.The official page of IP Address app opens
[Image: TBJ7KXg.png]
4.Click on Install to install it.
[Image: nDRCxBB.png]
[Image: nfRv8sy.png] can see the IP Address icon on StartScreen.
[Image: tV6H8gz.png]
6.Open it.
It will opens like
[Image: yTcLYfj.png]