Enable Hyper V in Windows 8

Hyper-V is a visualization solution.
The application based visualization that Windows XP mode focused on, Hyper-V is designed to allow the creation of whole software installations within Windows 8 environment.

Here is How to enable ot:
1.Read this THREAD i.e.Turn On or Off Windows Features
2.Now search for Hyper V
[Image: FNEuLgP.png]
3.Check on Hyper V.
Note: Check whether all the HyperV is enabled.
[Image: jRfycQA.png]
4.Now click OK.
5.It will check your system for some file.
[Image: RV0Mtkv.png]
6.After all the files checked it will start applying!
[Image: RvDQ6zu.png]
7.It will display that Windows completed the requested changes.
[Image: JnEz3dp.png]
8.Now click on Start and check for Hyper V manager.
[Image: 3bPdw54.png]