Add Sleep or Hibernate to Power Options in Windows 8


By default Power Options contains Switch User
  • Sign Out
  • Shut down
  • Restart
but we can add Sleep &  Hibernate options to Power Options!
Yes.Here is how:
1.Click on Start and type power options and look in Settings!
On the left side you can get Power Options and click on it to open.
[Image: 48bhXjj.png]
Select the second option on above picture
[Image: 4b0Xjak.png]
2.On the Left side you can see "Choose what the power buttons do".
[Image: wnhMit7.png]
Click on it.
3.Now you will be in System Settings! so in this you can see "Change settings that are currently unavailable"
[Image: 6inaNTF.png]
Click on it.
4.Now on the same area bottom you can see as following picture
[Image: p7acIUR.png]
Just Check all the Check Box and click on Save changes.
5.Now open the Power Options by pressing Alt+F4, you can all options.
[Image: ETDP6RK.jpg]