Erase the Search Suggestions in Windows 8

We used to search for some file by using the search box in File Explorer.Windows usually stores the search key what we used earlier.
In the below pic i searched for some keywords like p6,-06-
Windows stores it and displays it when we use it again
[Image: XT0bouf.png]
So in order to erase the keywords what we used earlier follow the steps to do

1.Open Windows Registry Editor.
By pressing Window key+R and type regedit and Enter.
[Image: L2A9DLa.png]
2.Now navigate to following path 


[Image: Wf8cKLJ.png]
3.Now Right click on the WordWheel Query and select Export and give any name as you desired.
[Image: xd4kP10.jpg]
In order to have a backup of this we are going for Export.
4.Now back to our objective, Again Right Click on WordWheel Query and select Delete.
[Image: Eny9F6U.jpg]
It will ask an conformation, click on Yes.
[Image: IhNLn4M.jpg]
5.Now open any file explorer and click on Search box
[Image: LontT2F.png]
That's it. .