Facebook+ Lite app for Windows 8

Facebook + Lite is an app which is designed for the Windows 8 Lovers.
[Image: PsT4Gik.jpg]
This app is free and it available on the Windows 8 Store.
Here is how u can install it:
1.Goto the Windows 8 Store
[Image: bgeF9xh.png]
[Image: 3lKBxRF.png]
2.Type facebook+ lite you will get a search box on right side and it will show the App on recommends
[Image: Ku2E4qS.png]
Click on it.
it will take you to Facebook+Lite page
[Image: z4JHhX1.png]
3.Now click on Install
[Image: zLYcaSu.png]
[Image: QhElsBH.png]
4.Now goto start and search for Facebook+lite app and open it
[Image: Cx1HKRG.png]
[Image: Cx1HKRG.png]
5.it will check for the internet connection
[Image: pIa0unr.png]
6.Enter your email id & password and click on login
[Image: 0pU52md.png]
7.It will ask permission to log in using FB
[Image: keU7JA3.png]
8.It will synchronize all the data of yours from FB
[Image: GbMNk5T.png]
9.For messages click on the message button on top and for Notifications click on top.
[Image: IiGZfl6.png]
10.Check out more cool options in it.