Add Control Panel to Context menu

How many of you opening the Control Panel by click on Start->Control Panel?
Most of ppl do this!
In order to consume our time I made this registry Which adds the Control Panel to Right Click Context Menu!
By default when you right click on you see like this
Note: I just added some Shutdown,sleep buttons.
[Image: vPG8y90.png]
Now after doing this method you can see like this
[Image: YVFw6JR.png]
Follow the steps to do it:

1.Download the registry file from HERE with password techreg

2.Extract the downloaded file and open
Double click on Enable ACP to Add the Control Panel to Context menu
Double click on Disable ACP to remove the Control Panel from Context menu
3.Now double click on it.
UAC settings ask the conformation so click on YES
4.Now again it will ask like this
[Image: GcfWikP.png]
Click on Yes
5.Now after its done it will display
[Image: c8lS1TW.png]