Sony Play Station 4

Sony unveiled Play Station 4 at special media event on Feb 20!
[Image: fKFgjX5.jpg]
really the Future of Gaming is PS4
[Image: FMYj3XV.jpg]
The Play Station 4 comes with awesome specifications as follow
 Processor: New AMD Jaguar x86-64 8 Core CPU
Graphics: 1.84 TFlOPS AMD
Ports: USB 3.0 with Auxiliary
         GB Ethernet, Bluetooth 2.1 and 802.11 b/g/n
         Wi-Fi connectivity
Drive: 6x Blu-Ray
Output: HDMI AV with S/PDIF
Camera: Eye Camera
            f/2.0 focus lens
            30cm focus distance
            85 degree field
Pricing,availability and more details about PS4 are not unveiled by Sony!
Here are some pics of PS4:
[Image: qyGwMH5.jpg]
[Image: dxsmFqv.jpg]