Protect your Bookmarks in GoogleChrome

We bookmark our Favorite website in browser. are you sure whether they are safe?!
let me tell you if you share browser it becomes lit bit piracy so in that time we want to secure our bookmarks.
there is extension for Google Chrome known as LockMyFavs and now will tell you ow to use it.
with this you can add and modify the bookmarks easily!

Follow the steps:
1.U need to install LockMyFavs to Google Chrome.Download it HERE

2.It will be available in right side top next to settings button! it looks like RED STAR. click it!

3.Create an New account and sign

4.and now it is accessible so u can protect your bookmark! add bookmark click on Add fav and post link in first column and alias in second column!

6.It will be stored in Library!

7.Right click options you can see the Add to LockMyFavs option