Momo - Optimize Web Browser

This software works to conserve memory usage when you run the internet browser program such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari and Palemon. Maybe for my friends who have over 2GB of RAM will not get a long lingering problems while browsing activity, but would be different if the RAM is in have only 512 MB ​​to 1 GB. A fair amount of time browsing activity will greatly deplete the memory space so the pc would seem to be very slow / slow / heavy as we do other activities besides browsing. Well Momo optimize a web browser is the best solution to solve this problem.
Programmer: Muhammad Ridzky
Home Page: Click Here

How to Use:
1. Extract
2. Install Web Irowser Optimize Momo
3. Run then put a mark on the browser you use

4. also marked on the Optimize Memory
5. Then Mark also Automatic Startup Run
(if you are a fun person who likes to surf, then Run sebaikanya Automatic Startup on the mark. That way the program will automatically turn on the pc in the current path, so you do not bother anymore to run this program on and off )

Download HERE